Vienna Design Week: Ikat, wool rugs and plant dyes

madder gradient chunky wool yarn
A little behind the scenes while dyeing big hanks of chunky wool in Cisnadie.

In may I went to beautiful Romania, met textile artist Anneli Tegelberg, and together we worked to plant dye Tisca's amazing big wool yarns in Annelis contemporary ikat patterns.
Not an easy task, and both her ikat patterns and my natural dye processes needed some adjustment to the much bigger scale - but we succeeded. And now there are these fantastic rugs from organic, gots-certified wool, shown for the first time ever at Vienna Design Week.
And even better, from sep 29th to oct 1st we'll be there as well and host a workshop on ikat and natural dyes, so drop by and have a look (or get involved hands-on!) Find further information here.


Vienna Design Week

Festivalzentrale Nord
15., Europaplatz 1