edition 1: pastels & variables

green fashion: natural dyes, responsible processes.

Do you love these colours? So do I. My aim is to create a very contemporary, delicate colour palette by using only natural dyes.

STILL garments slow fashion rose japanese coat scarf cotton wool zero waste

Sustainable and fair fashion, versatile and flexible to complement your wardrobe. In this edition key-garments such as the tee-dress re-appear and evolve. See the scarf dress worn in different ways below, looking great combined with Stefanie's well-worn and loved jeans! STILL garments fit perfectly with your other favourites, and are crafted to last and age well.


This collection is exclusively made from organic cotton produced by gots-certified companies, deadstock wool-yarn produced by a small family-run company as well as repurposed vintage cottons and linens an old lady gave to me, after she saved them and cared for them through all her life.

All these fabrics are precious to me – because of the people who made them, the efforts and skills neccessary, because of their individual story.


That is why all designs are zero waste, and all garments are created with great love for detail. All non-white items are hand-dyed with natural dyes, piece by piece. Irregularities are part of the design, showing the process behind the garment, and are not a mistake.

It is not waste

until we waste it.