wardrobe essentials. a capsule collection of artisanal basics.

sophisticated • joyful • simple special • quiet • minimal • quirky • luxury

handmade basics • natural dyes

1 collection, 15 items, more than 90 outfits.


For conscious and humorous minimalists: Wardrobe essentials are artisanal basics. Crafted from high quality sustainable fabrics, organic and fair. Reversible garments, zero waste patterns for minimal or layered silhouettes. Handstitched details, natural dyes and hand painted designs create unique textile surfaces, a visual and tactile treat for the wearer – garments made of meditative textiles.

STILL garments/Elke Fiebig 2016

›wardrobe essentials. artisanal basics‹

Residency project supported by EMMA, Pforzheim.

Photography Benedikt Adler, WSP

hand lettered "wardrobe essentials"