Färberpflanzen-Spaziergang. Wildpflanzen-Führung mal anders

Dye plant walk

Come along and discover dye plants in front of your door steps

Join me on a stroll through one of Berlin's most beautiful parks. And be surprised by how many dye plants we'll be able to find! Enjoy a few hours with fresh air, with birds singing, under old trees and amongst summer flowers.
You will learn about a variety of local dye plants, and stories about their (and our) history and various uses. Hear about traditions and plants that provide for us in so many ways. This tour will be in German, questions can be answered in English. You can book this tour in English, too! Get in touch, whether you're looking to schedule an individual tour of for a small group.

Local dye plants

You might be surprised how many plants are dye plants – some of them are very common, others harder to find.
I'll share practical tipps for foraging, as well as guidelines how to do it responsibly, without causing harm.

You'll receive a small booklet for the walk: If you want, you can take notes, make sketches and or press some leaves or flowers.
We'll finish with a little refreshment & some time for questions that might pop up, and to browse some of my dye samples, too.
Limited number of participants, please sign up beforehand.

Reguläre Termine gibt es wieder ab dem Frühjahr 2022. Einzeltermine sind außerdem möglich, so lange der Herbst es noch erlaubt. Dafür schreib mir gern eine Email!

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Emailliste zum Spaziergang

Wir treffen uns im Botanischen Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow in der Blankenfelder Chaussee 5, 13159 Berlin. Der Eintritt in den Park kostet 1,- und ist nicht in der Anmeldung enthalten. Plane etwa zwei Stunden für den Spaziergang ein.
After the walk you can stroll through the small greenhouse, or bring a picnic with you and recharge your batteries!
On the site there's also the Bauerngarten Pankow gardens and the project 2000m²-Weltacker.

What you should bring with you

• weather appropriate clothing

• a pen, perhaps masking tape

• water, and please bring a cup for the refreshment

• a scarf or something to sit on if you'd like, we'll finish by sitting on a meadow

And what you'll get

• immerse yourself in nature

• lots of plant knowledge

• a new perspective for future walks

• a booklet full of notes and memories

• some time to process and unwind with a botanical refreshment

Ich bitte um Verständnis, das Buchungen nur bis zehn Tage vor der Veranstaltung erstattet werden können. Du kannst aber deinen Platz gern selbst organisiert an eine andere Person weitergeben.

Prefer to get started with botanical dyeing? Click here current workshop datesand here for online workshops.

Weiterlesen über Pflanzen im Färbergarten?

Würdest du gern Färberpflanzen im Garten, oder auf dem Balkon ernten? Dann hoffe ich, mein E-Book ‚Farbe ernten‘ kann dich dazu inspirieren, und dir mit Tipps beiseite stehen! Das Buch kommt als PDF-Datei und kann damit auf vielen Geräten gelesen werden.