Dye plants seed kit


Set includes seeds for 8 different dye plants

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Lege mit diesem Set einen eigenen Färbergarten an! 

...either in garden beds or in just a few containers! Set includes seeds for neun verschiedene Färberpflanzen, grown in Berlin and the surrounding countryside. Contains a booklet with sowing recommendations, important information about the plants and their needs.

woad, Isatis tinctoria
tickseed, Coreopsis tinctoria (organic)
Weld, Reseda luteola
marigold, Tagetes erecta (organic) (filled flowers, mix of yellow and orange)
Dyer's chamomile,Anthemis tinctoria (organic)
Orange cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus (organic)
Dyer's knotweed, oder Japanischer Indigo, Polygonum tinctorum
Sonnenblume, Hopi Black Sunflower, Helianthus annuus
Schwarze Garten-Skabiose, Scabiosa atropurpurea

You can also buy each variety individually. The plants are suitable for growing in raised beds and pots, so you don't necessarily need an entire garden!

Seed quantities are designed for planting a small dyer's garden, a few beds in an allotment, or gardening on a patio or balcony. (If you want to plant whole fields, they are probably too small for you.) Some plants, like tickseed f.ex., have very light and small seeds. The sachet is light as a feather, but still contains several hundred seeds!

Wenn du gern noch mehr erfahren würdest über die Färberpflanzen, deren Anzucht und Pflege, gibt es das Set auch zusammen mit meinem E-Book ‚Farbe ernten‘ vergünstigt, in dem du all das lernst! Nach der Bestellung bekommst du von mir einen Download-Link für das E-Book.

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Saatgut-Set, Saatgut-Set mit E-Book 'Farbe ernten'


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