Dye seeds Orange cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus


Orange Cosmos seeds, Cosmos sulphureus

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The color of the Orange Cosmos blooms varies from dark yellow to bright orange and sometimes even darker shades of rust. In any case, the flowers can be used to dye fabrics and yarns.
I also offer these as part of a dye seed kit..

This annual flower prefers sunny to semi-shaded locations, moderately nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. It tolerates a bit of drought better than waterlogging. Cut the flowers again and again, you will be rewarded with many new blooms until the first frosty nights in autumn.

The seeds come from regional organic cultivation.

Start indoors: March – April
Plant outdoors: mid May
Sow in place: May – June

Spacing: 25cm

Contains approx. 20 seeds.

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