Natural dyeing with plants

Intro to natural dyeing:
Plant dyes and mindful mordants

Dye samples from dyeing with plants: madder root, weld, marigold flowers
Dye samples from plants
Swatches dyed with madder and marigold

Upon request – individual and group workshops, available in studio or online. If you understand some German but will need some questions answered in English, you are also very welcome in all of my in person classes. Just get in touch!

Learn about dyeing with plants from the comfort of your home!
Botanical dyeing has strengthened my connection to nature – and I want to share that. It opened my eyes to plants’ treasures even in urban settings like inner city Berlin. Botanical dyes empower us to create and change textiles and garments to our liking.

An insightful introduction to all the basics you need to know to keep exploring the magic of botanical dyes on your own!

Learn how to extract colour from plants, which fibers can be dyed, how to prepare them and how to work with mordants responsibly. I’ll also cover colourfastness and care for plant dyed textiles. I’ll share how I dye in my own kitchen when I’m not in the studio – so you can make it work for your home.

This online class is a mix of webinar and hands-on demonstrations of mordanting and dyeing with plants.

It’s a live online meeting (we’re using zoom), so you can ask any questions that pop up. All participants can download a recording of the class, and will receive an extensive PDF of 15 pages with written info to accompany the workshop.
I focus on working with local(ish) whole dye plants, and cover both practical and theoretical basics, so you’re well equipped to get crafty on your own.

Get in touch if you still have questions, or book your ticket here. Spots are limited – keeping the group size small enough to answer everyone’s questions.
Reduced rates are available – select the ticket for 39€ below. No questions asked! Please get in touch if that’s still out of your budget.

You do not need the dye kit to join the workshop – but if you want to get started right away after the class, the kit has you covered. It contains four dye plants – madder root, marigold, weld and walnut – enough mordant for at least 1kg+ of fibers, ground oak galls and washing soda and a booklet with instructions. Just looking for a dye kit? Look here!

Samples from dyeing with plants in the dye kit - weld, marigold, madder and walnut
Drawing of historical dye plant madder plant in summer
Dyeing with plants – ingredients of starter kit