DIY Bundle Dye Kit: soft cotton scarf natural dye introduction

Each of these plant dye kits is customized to your wishes. You will receive a scarf of soft cotton veil* that has been prepared and mordanted by me. With it comes a variety of plant material to dye it – let me know your favourite colours, and I'll do my best to make a match! The kit contains instructions how to make your bundle and then turn it into your very own patterned shawl! Each piece will be unique – plant dyes are a bit magical, none can predict the exact hues, and your way of placing it on the cloth is your very own creative fingerprint.

This is a perfect introduction to the magic of natural dyes, as it's easy and playful, and there is no need to handle chemicals. It also makes a wonderful gift for the plant loving and/or crafty person in your life. Be warned, it may be addictive – you will keep discovering new possible dye plants all around you! This practice made me mindful and attentive to my surroundings, connects me to the land and the seasons, while living in a big city.

Besides the kit you will need a bit of white vinegar and a pot. You can note your chosen shades during checkout.


*edges are raw or selvage, scarf measures about 170x90cm.

45,00 €

  • Ships within 3-5 days