new workshops: natural plant based dyes

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NEW indigo workshops! June 27th + August 19th.

Upcoming workshops in Berlin:

  • 20. Juni 2018 18.00 Mordants and Plant Dyes
  • 27. Juni 2018 18.00 Indigo Intro
  • 1. Juli 2018 13.00 Bundle Dye
  • 25. Juli 2018 18.00 Mordants and Plant Dyes
  • 29. Juli 2018 VHS Reinickendorf: Solar Dyeing in glass jars
  • 8. August 2018 18.00 Bundle Dye
  • 19. August 2018 12.00 Indigo Intro
  • 26. August 2018 12.00 Mordants and Plant Dyes

If you're in the South of Germany, this might be for you: In july I'll be once more in Stuttgart, teaching natural dye classes at nannatextiles.

Discover the magic of natural dyeing, in one of my classes focusing on plant dyes. I especially love discovering the dye potentials of local and seasonal plants and leaving room for coincidence – there are so many colours to be harvested just outside our doors or in our kitchen. At the same time you'll learn how to prep fibres and dye, to equip you with all information to get dyeing at home afterwards!

Participants will discover a holistic approach to botanical dyeing, regarding mordants as well as water and energy consumption.

Workshops are available for professionals, adults and kids. I offer customised workshops matching your interests - offer a dye party for your friends, host a class in your own garden, or arrange a dye class for your team.

Natural dye class: bundle dye/plant prints on fabric

June 27th 2018 18.00, August 19th 2018 12.00


Natural blues - learn how to master botanical indigo dyeing, perhaps the most mysterious of all plant dyes. Indigo intro will equip you with all you need to know to get started with the blues! After an introduction to the basic chemistry behind indigo it will be a hands on class. Each participant receives samples of our dyed fabrics, info material and even a little indigo vat to take home.


Workshop will be held in English and/or German depending on participants. Info material will be provided in English in any case.


Tickets are 65€, incl. all materials and your take-away indigo vat + snacks.

Atelier PA 58 – Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin


Sign up and questions – drop me a mail to


Natural dye class: bundle dye/plant prints on fabric

Dates: April 15th, May 9th, July 1st, August 8th

Learn how to easily create beautiful natural dyes and patterns with plants that you can find all around you! Bundle dyeing is fun to explore and a very playful approach to the world of plant dyes, a practice between science and witchcraft... It may also be the perfect way to revamp your favourite garment that was stained. Get inspired to start making!


You'll be introduced to local dyes from urban nature and the kitchen. There'll also be a short introduction on the basics of natural dyeing, what you need to know about fabrics and how to make your colours stick by mordanting.

I'll have all necessary equipment, dye plants and also pre-treated textiles for you to get started with samples. You could also bring some plants, maybe a bouquet starting to wilt... and best some paper or a nice sketchbook. Otherwise just join and have fun!


The workshop will be in english and/or german, depending on participants! Tickets are 59€, including all materials and some drinks.


Atelier PA 58 – Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin

Send a mail to to sign up.


Natural dye class: plant dyeing and mindful mordanting

Dates: June 20th, July 25th,  August 26th

Discover how to extract colour from plants easily available from the kitchen or urban flora! We will start with an introduction into mindful mordanting to improve colourfastness and then extract and dye with plant colours.
A short but insightful introduction to all the basics you need to know to keep exploring the magic of botanical dyes!

There will be a selection of textiles, mordant and dye stuff for the workshop at my studio. If you want to experiment with your own fabric or yarn during the workshop you can bring small samples, but it's not necessary if you don't have any at the moment.


The workshop will be in english and/or german, depending on participants! Tickets are 59€, including all materials and some drinks. This will be a small class so there's more room for all of your questions!

Atelier PA 58 – Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin

Send a mail to to sign up.


What my customers say...

"Amazing Elke, thank you so much for yesterday - I had such a wonderful time and I'm already thinking of future dyes I want to do!! You are a great instructor!" Gillian King


"Elke's bundle dyeing workshop opened up a startling new world of vibrant colours to be found both in our everyday kitchen peelings, and in the leaves, flowers and plants growing all around us. ... I really had a lot of fun, and recommend it highly!" Lucy Norris


"Yes, i liked it a lot and now i enjoy looking at the colorful fabrics :) It inspired me to continue experimenting further. The event was well organised and i liked especially that you made us pay attention to not pick all the flowers of a plant and to take care of the nature around. I liked the social side of this event and i found that art like this made us easily feel joyful, inspired and friendly to each other, and even for the people passing by." Videlina